3 Reasons Why Personalised Bag Tags are a Must on the Back-to-School Shopping List This Year

In most Australian schools, a student's bag is part of their uniform with the same bag for every student. Most students have some unique keyrings attached to their bag to show their personality but this often looks messy and still puts them at risk of losing their bag which holds all of their possessions; homework material, technology, lunch and in-cases important medication.

Here are 3 reasons why we believe a personalised bag tag is a must-have item on the back to school shopping list.

1. Faster Return of Lost Bags

Children lose their bags frequently at school whether it be because they are rushing off to lunch after class or due to someone other than them moving their bag. Having a personalised bag tag ensures that anyone who finds the bag can return it promptly to them, their class or the front office with confidence that it will end up back in their hands. It also removes the need to rummage through the bag to find the students name.

2. Theft Deterrent

These days school bags contain more than just books. The amount of technology that students carry with them makes their bags easy picking for thieves. Unfortunately, theft is something that we need to be aware of both inside and outside of school. An easily identifiable bag makes a great theft deterrent.

Clear identification of the ownership on a bag, will make would-be thieves think twice and is less likely to be picked up. With a personalised bag tag, it is more than likely that another student will catch them picking up a bag that is not theirs increasing the risk factor and discouraging wrong-doers.

3. Prevents Accidental Bag Swaps

Many parents have experienced the pain of realising that they have picked up the wrong child's bag. Due to the similarity of each school bag, it is easy to mistake one bag for another but it can be difficult to swap them back in time to get homework done. Having a personalised bag tag will help prevent another student from picking up your child's bag and vice versa. 

Bags on bag rack


These 3 reasons are why Wandering Engraver has branched out to create personalised bag tags for students. The solid wood is durable and made to last so it can be used year after year and the unique designs are created to stand out from your typical tags.

Check Out Our Personalised School Bag Tags Here.


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